The world’s highest Formula Offroad race

Formula Offroad Skien, 7 – 8 September seems to be the biggest Formula Offroad event in many years and with the greatest media coverage of all time!
First of all, we can expect many Norwegian drivers in Skien, even drivers who have not participated in previous races this season, will stake everything on race in Skien. Apart from the driver from Norway, Sweden and Finland, we rejoice 9 Icelandic participants! This is likely to lead to more than 30 participants.

Not only does the race in Skien have an unusually high number of participants, also two famous Americans are coming to Norway and Skien to film this competition. It’s Brooks Meyers and Matt Myrick, known from YouTube. Brooks (DUNE TV) is from Michigan and filming mostly sand sport in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Matt (Busted Knuckle Video) is from Alabama and movies Rockbouncing and Mud race with cars that King Sling. They are both used with extreme motorsports, but is moving to Norway Skien to experience the most extreme motorsport, Formula Offroad. Besides good coverage on YouTube by the American channels, will also SMK Uppsala broadcast the entire event via the web, with faster upload than ever! Skien is known to have the most extreme competitions with the highest sand walls and the most spectacular courses, so it can hardly go wrong!

Original text by Bjørn Michaelsen