Norway Championships – Heat 4 & 5, in Ler – south of Trondheim

Yes, of course it is Formula Offroad race in town again. This time we will go our way north and to our neighbor Norway. 3 mil south of Trondheim is the Formula Offroad interested resort Ler. They have decided that they want to invite us to the second spectacular race. The gravel pit where the competition will be held is significantly higher than the competition in Bålstavägen (Sweden). Look at the picture, you see trees on top?
For six months, one eleven-a-side team in the form of a sports committee discussed and planned to give us audience and drivers an epic contest. The fact that it is natural beauty where the competition will be held is just a plus. Here in Sweden, many of us have a long weekend to look forward to, then a trip with family to a thriving Trøndelag a hot tip.
The Norwegian driver Tor Egil Thorland (Toro) has probably arranged the world (at least Norway) best speaker, himself Tommy Olsen. This alone is worth the trip to Norway! No, all the cars and drivers as Tommy, and he also has the ability to convey this to the public.


Prizes are awarded to the first three in each class. In addition, prizes will be awarded for ”Best in Show” and ”Fastest time track” in both the Unlimited and Modified class.

Something new this year is a new award – Arne Johannessen price. Arne has long entertained us with memorable stunts and it is now time for the creation of a special prize called ”Mad Arne.” This award is both days and goes to the driver who entertains us best during the day with high hopes, spectacular rescues and stunts that gets the crowd going bananas. Judge for ”Gale Arne” and ”Best in Show” will be selected from the audience. Jørn Larsen has arranged with sponsor prizes for the drivers.
In addition to these prizes, including a prize is awarded to a class of persons. There are those who are always in and work hard, but that is always overlooked when it should be rewarded. Therefore we have created trophy for ”Best Mechanic”. This is awarded each day to the mechanic who performs most impressive repair.

Sports Committee in Trondheim have very good contacts with the media, motor journalist Ola Heggvold has promised to report. They have also been in contact with Morten Karlsen on NRK. He will try to get the TV reporting both locally and nationwide.

See you greet The committee in Trondheim